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30 July 1962
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I am a 44 year old stay home mother of three, residing in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. My husband, who is the light of my life, is four years into the development of his own Architecture firm. It is more successful then we could have envisioned, which means we see precious little of him these days. Our famiy has its own unique set of challenges, including, that I broke my neck in 1987, one year into our marriage. Our three children, ages 15, 11 and almost 9, are wonderful, beautiful, strong and quite creative. Growing up with a mother in a wheelchair has fostered independance and self-sufficency. However they each have their own personal challenges that add layers of complications to my parenting job. My oldest child/daughter is bi-polar, the middle child/daughter is dyslexic, and my young son had ADHD. In my heart I pray that all our early interventions reduce barriers they may face as adults.

So with all the heavy stuff said, I have a serious addiction to reading Harry Potter fanfiction, and in particular the Severus/Hermione ship in all its incarnations. I spend way too much time reading the stuff, which I only discoved last year. I justify it as a neccesary escape from the issues listed above.

This Live Journal account is my foray into becoming savvy in the realm of internet communications. I feel like a baby wanting to explore the world around me but unable to even crawl yet. I choose the forum of Live Journal because so many of the fanfic writers I enjoy and admire use Live Journal.

My three initial goals for this space are:

1. To gain competency in internet communications.
2. To have a better way to stay in touch and communicate with all the various aspects of the Harry Potter fandom on-line.
3. To have my own outlet for creative development.